Dr. James Ordner

Ph.D. Sociology
Primary office:
737 Fraser Hall

James Patrick Ordner is a PhD graduate in Sociology at the University of Kansas. James earned his B.A. and M.S. in Sociology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. His research interests include in social movements and environmental sociology, with current research focusing on community mobilization and political engagement in the protection of community assets, particularly water resources..

Areas of Specialization

Environmental Sociology, Social Movements, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods

MA Thesis Title: The Politics of Hope: Ernst Bloch, Theodore Adorno and the Return of the Object. This study examines the theoretical relationships between Theodore Adorno, Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin, and environmental issues.

Dissertation Title: Protecting the Good Life: Grassroots Resistance to the Keystone XL Pipeline in Nebraska. This research project focuses on the sustained rural mobilization campaign against the proposed KXL pipeline in Nebraska.

James Ordner's Curriculum Vitae

Fall 2017 Courses

  • Soc 161 Social Problems and American Values, honors
  • Soc 310 Introduction to Social Research

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