Ilana Demantas

Doctoral Candidate
Primary office:


Areas of Specialization

Gender; Work/Family; Immigration

Ilana Demantas (Doctoral Candidate, Ph.D. Expected 2018; University of Kansas) specializes in the areas of gender; work, and immigration. She completed her comprehensive exams in Gender (Fall 2011) and Immigration (Fall 2012). Ilana’s dissertation explores how gender and immigration shape the strategies managers in the retail service sectors use to exercise their authority.

Ilana’s prior works include an ethnography of a large department store and a qualitative interview study of men who lost work due to the 2009 “Great Recession.” Ilana is a co-author of a forthcoming 2015 article, “’Step Up and Be a Man in a Different Kind of Manner:’ Identity Work among Unemployed Men” (with Kristen Myers, The Sociological Quarterly) and a 2015 forthcoming book chapter titled “Being ‘The Man’ Without Having a Job: Providing Care Instead of ‘Bread” (with Kristen Myers, Families as they Really Are, 2nd Edition). Her other publications have appeared in Work, Employment and Society. Ilana teaches Introduction to Sociology and Social Problems. In the past, she worked as a teaching associate at the University of Kansas Center for Teacher Excellence, where she advised faculty across campus on best course transformation and program redesign practices and co-organized bi-weekly workshops on a range of teaching topics. Ilana has received the 2014-2015, University of Kansas, Graduate School, Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant; the 2014-2015, Midwestern Sociological Society, Research Grant (with Kristen Myers); the 2014 (SAGE) American Sociological Society, Teaching Innovation and Professional Development Award; and the 2010-11, University of Kansas, Charles K. & Marian E. Warriner Fellowship in Sociology.


2010 M.A. (Sociology)Northern Illinois University
2007 B.A. (Psychology)University of Illinois, Chicago

Honors and Awards

2012 Morris C. Pratt Research Scholarship. University of Kansas, Department of Sociology.

2012 Morris C. Pratt Travel Scholarship, University of Kansas, Department of Sociology.

2011 Morris C. Pratt Travel Scholarship, University of Kansas, Department of Sociology.

2011 KU Center for Research Travel Funds, University of Kansas.

2010-2011 Charles K. & Marian E. Warriner Fellowship in Sociology, University of Kansas.

2010 Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Division of Research and Graduate Studies, Northern Illinois University.

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